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Who Needs The Transcription Network?

The TSP Network Affiliates are high caliber transcription providers.  The range of transcription and document production specialists includes small, one time projects all the way to contiguous, large scale production services that could require processing thousands of files per month.  Every transcription client is unique in their needs and every Transcription Network Provider Affiliate is unique in what they have to offer, especially customied services.  When utilizing the Transcription Service Network you will be utilizing the WaveScribe PaaS, with a transparent workflow, and up-to-the-minute, verifiable results.   

Team TTSP can manage your transcription projects and services on your behalf; tell us your turnaround need and format choices and we'll manage the providers so you don't have to.  We provide the tools and platform you need to maximize your efficiency and in the long run, your bottom line. 

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As a service provider, you are welcome to join the TSP Network for no listing fee.  We want all transcriptionists, virtual assistants and other qualified document production specialists to register in order to give end transcription customers a variety of specialty providers.  We do require that any client/work provided through the TTSP Network be done on the WaveScribe Online Platform.  After more than 19-years the HIPAA-compliant WaveScribe PaaS continues to be one of the easiest transcription platforms to learn, use, teach, and trust; it works great as your standalone project production platform.  By having a uniform platform, your staff can take holidays, vacations, and time away as needed without disruption to the client or the delivery process. We believe and work from the prmise of your success drives our success.  

We will not let cost stop you from utilizing the PaaS, contact us so that we can work within your budget.*,**  

Send an email to or complete the form below and our agents can contact you direct:


*Charges are separated for the PaaS and any phone-in dictation services, which are charged per session minute.  

**Abuse and/or misuse of service and/or platform will result in immediate termination of access..