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There are many ways to document personal and professional journals, notes, conferences, meetings and other encounters.  The online TTSP/WaveScribe portal allows you to access, create, process and store information online and offers an array of built-in features. 

TTSP/WaveScribe Online PaaS allows for automated audio uploading, immediate access for archiving and/or transcription and delivery of finished product.  Download documents, completed transcriptions projects, search documentation and keep live track of your projects at any time.

TTSP/WaveScribe Cloud On-Demand Dial-Up Recording and Dictation is available 24/7 for on-demand self-recording services. Call your assigned number, enter your unique PIN and start recording whenever/wherever you need it.  Choose which recordings you want transcribed or which ones you want to download or save for future reference.  

Upload Your Project video or audio files yourself in the transcription portal for transcription access.  You can upload files direct into the portal or for large project files, utilize our large-file access channel.  

Keep your personal device and record things the way you're used to doing now!  As an alternative to forcing you to use proprietary products, you can use your phone or other handheld device to take notes or brainstorm on the go and then upload files later.  Record from your phone, PC or a handheld device!

Handwritten notes/text on paper are not a problem.  Have hand notes to store?  Take a picture with your phone and upload those handwritten notes, forms, results, resumes and other paper documents and records with a few clicks. Personal notes or encounters including interviews, speeches, conferences, meetings, focus groups and others are immediately available and accessible to your transcription provider's staff.  Follow the action "live" from upload to final delivery.  


Access your files and recordings virtually anytime from virtually anywhere utilizing personal access credentials and encrypted data sessions.  Files are backed up daily, stored and managed by our industrial-strength data center partners in physically-secured, HIPAA-compliant facilities.  Our consistent service, around the clock monitoring, cost effective methodology and high-bar customer satisfaction are standards we set for ourselves when it comes to our clients.

Get started with your MyTSP portal today.  It's your very own document processing plant online.

If you have a dictation provider, they can port files over to the online platform.  If you don't have one, our dial-up dictation service is available from any working phone.  Dictated content is automatically loaded up for your transcriptionist online and directly into the platform.  From there, your transcription team has access to transcribe files, edit and release within minutes of dictation!  Dictatation by phone, computer, smartphone or digital recorder. 

Once you sign up for the on-demand recording service, we will provide you with a personal PIN.  Dial in anytime, key in your pin and record notes, important calls, conferences, meetings and more.  Recordings are loaded directly into your online account.  Your TTSP affiliate can transcribe  them for you and you can share the audio/transcription with anyone you want.   

For more info, call us at (888) 406-8980 or use the click here so we can contact you.

TTSP/WaveScribe provides user with an array of platform components that allow for each user/entity to create a unique way to work online, including: 

Facility Access Controls are among the highest caliber in the nation include biometric security for staff access at one of the most trusted dedicated hosting platform providers in the nation with our single-tenant, managed dedicated servers, which have intensive scrutiny for physical security, daily backups as well as cybersecurity as part of our emergency contingency plan.    The facility security plans contain policies and procedures to safeguard the facility and the equipment therein from unauthorized physical access, tampering, and/or theft.  Our hosting program includes access controls and validation procedures to control and validate a person’s access to our hosting facilities based on their role or function and include visitor control, and controlled access to software programs for testing and revision.  Maintenance Records are consistently documented and repairs and modifications to physical hardware components at the facilities (e.g. hardware, walls, doors and locks).  Workstations used to access hardware/software/OS include the same level of security and are designed such that access to ePHI if necessary is monitored and audited.  While the disposition of ePHI, and/or the hardware or electronic media on which it is stored is secured is secured, a record of the movements of hardware and electronic media and any person responsible are kept.  Data Backup and Storage is created daily and are retrievable with an exact copy of ePHI contained therein, before movement of equipment.

Access and Authentication Control for every user
Automatic Logoff due to inactivity
Access Control  (current encryption and decryption technology for each session)
Audit Control/Trail of every TID created on the system
Integrity – Encryption for e to certify that ePHI has not been altered or destroyed

Security Management Processes include:
- Risk Analysis
- Risk Management
- Sanction Policy for any employee/user who fails to comply
- Information Systems Activity Reviews

Secure Document Storage