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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some kinds of transcription projects that are processed through the online Portal?

Dialup Dictation | Personal Recordings | Neutral Third-Party Recordings | One-on-One or Multi-Person Interviews | Conferences | Customer Service Calls | Medical/Legal Transcription | Meeting Minutes | Conference Calls | Focus Groups | Mailing Lists | Radio | Research

What kinds of document formats can be processed/stored/accessed through the online Portal?

Notepad | Word™| WordPerfect™| OpenOffice™| Excel™ | MP3| WAV| AU| WMA | MP4| AVI| MOV

I am an independent contractor or service company and want to provide transcription services to network TSPs and transcription clients. Do I have to pay to be listed?

No, you do not have to pay to list as a service provider; however we require that projects we provide to you be done on our platform. Simply provide your information, rates, a list of specialties, history (i.e. years in document production) and your days/hours of availability.

Should I be a registered user with The Transcription Service Provider in order to log into the online Portal?

Yes. As part of our security protocol and for compliance support, every user must register to receive their own unique login, password and PIN credentials.  Even if you need temporary help to cover a backlog, each of your support team should have their own credentials on the site. Generic profiles are discouraged and will be deactivated.